Periodontal Disease – Treatment

As with many diseases, there are numerous treatment regimens depending on the severity of the diseased patient. Both the dental hygienist and dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation for periodontal disease and recommend the appropriate therapy treatment.

The surest way to avoid or minimize your chances of contracting periodontal disease is to brush appropriately and floss regularly. A thorough brushing at least twice a day will not only prevent periodontal disease but also protect your entire smile from decay, discoloration and potential bone loss. Remember, gaps or pockets indicate plaque and calculus are present, along with gum bleeding and halitosis.

Catching the disease in the early stage known as gingivitis will prevent damage to the bone and gums, so semi-annual cleanings by our hygienist will be sufficient. Additionally, we’ll give you some tips or recommendations to improve your oral care habits.

Late stage treatments may include periodontal scaling and root planing, or deep cleaning of the teeth and gums will be necessary and recommended. We typically perform this procedure in four treatments, one quarter of your mouth at a time. We will numb the area of exposure and remove all tartar and calculus, eliminate any bacterial toxins from above and below the gum line (scaling) and rough spots on the root of the teeth, causing them to become smooth (planing). Doing this will lessen (shrink) the pockets and gaps and heal the gums. To control infection, we will recommend a special medicated oral rinse, perhaps medication, and an electric toothbrush to aid in the gum’s healing. They also do a great job on normal day to day oral health.

If after scaling and planing do not allow your gums to heal, surgery may be required to reduce pocket depths so that you have an easier time with regular brushing and flossing. If we have to resort to this level of care, the chances of permanent damage being present is assured. If warranted, we may even recommend you see a Periodontist, a specialist who is an expert in gums and bone support concerns.



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