Full Arch Replacement

There once was a time when there was no permanent solution to replacing a full arch (top or bottom or both) of missing teeth. Way back when a person lost all or most of their teeth, removable dentures was the only alternative to going without. It is possible to replace a full mouth, or a full upper or lower arch with a fixed bridge on implants. This permanent, highly functional solution not only works well, but is also very aesthetically pleasing, as they look like natural teeth. They are also affordable.

Why a Fixed Bridge on Implants?

  • Provides a permanent solution
  • Allows for strength and durability to chew and speak unencumbered
  • Restores your natural facial features
  • Produces a winning smile you can be proud of

The solution will require multiple visits over time depending on your individual circumstances. The treatment is a permanent solution for full arch replacement of upper or lower or both.

We will consult with you regarding all of the options and alternatives based on your situation, however a full arch replacement with a fixed bridge with implants is our preferred recommendation.


Your initial appointment will be a discussion and review of your individual condition and circumstances. As this will take several office visits over time, a course of treatment will be outlined.

Installing the dental implants is the first step in replacing your smile with a fixed bridge on implants. We will attach temporary teeth to the implants so that you have the ability to eat and function until your permanent bridge is returned from the dental lab. It will require patience as it may take up to 6-8 weeks for the permanent placement.

Attaching your new fixed bridge will replace the temporary teeth and will be installed securely on top of each implant base. Two or three office visits will be necessary should there be a full arch to be replaced.

Upon completion of the final adjustment and permanent cementing of your fixed full arch bridge, you will be amazed how natural they look and function. Replacing removable dentures with this permanent solution has made a tremendous difference to the lives of our patients that chose to upgrade. There are alternatives to choosing a permanent solution, however limited.

Removable Over-denture
An over-denture is a removable denture that is fitted over the gums by utilizing anchors on implants. Removable dentures are an outdated alternative with many disadvantages, such as food particles being lodged between the gums and denture, loos fitting and unstable, as well as causing additional saliva production.

Implant Anchored Over–denture
Again this is a removable full denture which uses a ball or bar attachment system, which are anchored on two implants in the front of the jaw, upper or lower. The comparison is noticeable, but this is a more affordable option. When cost is the driving factor over stability and permanence, implant anchored over-dentures is the typical choice. You may not feel the result adequate however.

Removable Full Denture
This is the least recommended course of treatment mainly because it offers no real advantages other than its affordability and ease of installation.

There are so many disadvantages that it hardly makes reasonable sense to select this alternative other than price and installation ease.

  • Unstable and ill-fitting, requires adjustment as the jawbone and gums continue to recede and shrink
  • Causes excessive saliva production in the mouth
  • Appearance is unnatural
  • Debilitates speech, chewing and limits food choices
  • Reduction in the taste of food
  • Sore gums


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