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Having moved to Lake Hopatcong some 27 years ago, I looked hard for a good dentist. Once I began going to Dr. Joel Moskowitz, D.M.D., I was most satisfied. The thing that impressed me most about Dr. Moskowitz was the fact that over the years, he never once sent me to another dentist. It seems that he does it all. I always told him that I never once felt any pain. In fact, going to the dentist became rather easy. Now, having been a football player, way back when mouth pieces were just coming on the scene, believe me, Dr. Moskowitz had much to do working on my teeth. Again, I can most highly recommend D. Moskowitz as truly a proven professional.



Dr. Joel Moskowitz, DMD
The Dental Center
28 Bowling Green Parkway
Suite 6
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

tel: (973) 663-4220
fax: (973) 663-6136



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