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To all potential implant clients; if you have been postponing having dental implants because of fear of pain, or if you have been told that you are not a candidate for this surgery, please go to see Drs. Moskowitz and Gorzelnik for a second opinion. Several years ago I had been told I was not a candidate for this surgery and I settled for a full denture. I was miserable. Food didn’t taste right. THey were uncomfortable and ill-fitting. I was fearful of them loosening and falling out. I saw an advertisement in the Star-Ledger for Dr. Moskowitz and decided to get a second opinion. He was kind, sympathetic and thorough, and after an oral exam told me I was a candidate for this procedure. Dr. Moskowitz told me he was partnered with Dr. Gorzelnik who would perform the surgery, and then he would complete the implant portion of the procedure himself. I had some anxiety about the actual surgery, but my concerns were allayed by Dr. Gorzelnik’s caring, thorough, and empathetic manner.

A date for the surgery was scheduled and what a difference it has made in my life. I can taste food again. I can chew normally and have no fear of embarrassment. I feel confident about my smile again.

I would recommend Drs. Moskowitz and Gorzelnik to anyone considering having this procedure and especially to those whoe are having doubts about their eligibility, or the impact it may have on their life. It has made a tremendous difference in mine.



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