Multiple Teeth Replacement

Fixed Bridge on Implants

When two or three teeth are missing in the rear of your mouth, the only solution is to anchor a fixed bridge on implants. An implant will be required for each missing tooth, and is highly recommended over removable dentures. The stability and function of the fixed bridge on implants is far superior to any other solution. The alignment of your mouth, facial features and bite will be extremely positive. The strength and durability of a fixed bridge on implants will allow you to eat the most challenging of foods as naturally as if they were your original teeth.


  • Prevents further deterioration of your jawbone
  • Provides a permanent solution
  • Offers strength and durability
  • Allows you to eat anything you wish without restriction or discomfort

The integration of implants on the jawbone and the attachment of permanent replacement “teeth” will require numerous office visits, but the result is well worth the time investment. Although some discomfort and initial swelling and bruising of the gums is quite typical, an ordinary pain reliever should eliminate the discomfort. There is no work time lost, as the pain is minor and controllable, so returning to work the following day is routine.


We will discuss the alternatives to this treatment prior to any decision making, but this is the recommended option, based on individual circumstances. There is more than one treatment option which we will go over with you.

The initial examination that reveals three missing teeth in the back of your mouth will result in our recommendation of a fixed bridge. All of the missing teeth will be replaced by implanting a base in your jawbone and anchoring the replacement teeth to them.

The installation or placement of the dental implants are the first step in the overall process, and will provide strength and function. Because the three teeth are adjoining, it is quite typical to perform the procedure in a single visit. A temporary bridge may be placed at the same office visit, allowing you to function normally almost immediately.

Attaching the permanent bridge to the implants will take several weeks, allowing your jawbone and tissue to heal and integrate. Soreness and swelling will be present for a while afterward, but this is normal and controllable with over the counter pain relievers. The permanent bridge will take about 6 to 8 weeks to be returned from the dental lab, and your mouth and jaw to be fully healed.

The new fixed bridge is not only a permanent solution, it is really the only viable one when you are missing three missing rear of mouth teeth. The new fixed bridge will function like your original teeth, providing all the strength and durability you were accustomed to.

Alternative Solutions

While most professionals believe there are no really viable solutions, there are alternative treatments that are available.

The Removable Partial Denture
The removable partial denture is an expensive alternative, and you get what you pay for. Because they contain many parts and will take multiple visits to ensure a proper fit, the removable partial denture is our least recommended solution. Often uncomfortable and unstable, it is also made of plastic, and does not look very natural. The installation process is simple, sparing any natural teeth from interaction.



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