Full and Partial Dentures

Removable dentures are often chosen by patients because people either don’t think they can afford the alternative option of dental implants, or they have no knowledge of their existence. Partial removable dentures or dental appliances are used for missing teeth and surrounding oral gum tissue. Full removable dentures are just that; upper and lower appliances that resemble your natural teeth, thereby replacing them when all of your teeth are no longer present.

The value of partial removable dental appliances, or partial dentures, is that they help prevent the adjoining teeth from shifting or coming loose, thereby damaging the bone tissue.

Complete dentures come in two placement options; immediate and conventional. Immediate dentures are premade and ready for placement so you won’t have to go without teeth for the 4 to 6 weeks it will take to have them crafted in the dental laboratory. This also means that should you have a healing period after teeth removal, adjustments will have to be made with follow up appointments, as your gums will be swollen and sore.

A conventional placement of complete dentures is when the healing process is allowed, causing you to be without teeth for the time it takes for the dental lab to return your completed set of dentures. Your oral tissues are healed and have conformed to the size and shape which the dentures will be fitted to the gums.

Regardless of which method is chosen for removable dentures, there is a period of time involved to create your replacement teeth. We’ll provide you with instructions on the normal oral hygiene and maintenance of your dental appliances. Future appointments may be necessary as wear and readjustment will require a return visit.

Why Dentures

  • Partial Denture — One or more teeth are missing, creating gaps in the oral arch
  • Complete Denture — Loss of all teeth, upper and lower arches
  • Provide ability to speak, chew and aid in digestion
  • Restore your facial features and smile


As mentioned earlier, partial or complete denture placement will require multiple appointments over several weeks. Precise impressions (molds) are taken for multiple uses. Your oral cavity will be carefully measured to provide a custom fit upon delivery. The most accurate set will be used to craft your custom denture.

Multiple appointments may be necessary to assure the measurements, size, shape and color and fit of your new appliance. The final appointment will be to make final adjustments so that your denture fits properly and securely.

NOTE: You may experience soreness, increased saliva flow and even some speech and chewing difficulty until your tissue and jaw and facial muscles become adjusted to your new dentures. However, should you continue to experience any of these symptoms even though you are following our prescribed wear recommendations, contact our offices requesting an immediate appointment. Your dentures may require a minor adjustment or modification.

As in all our office visitations, we will go over proper care and maintenance instructions to help your new dentures.



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